Midnight commander mc not showing in default colors in GNU screen

If you are using GNU screen and you notice that while MC is showing in default blue color for root but not for the user the easy fix would be to try this:

TERMCAP='' /usr/bin/mc --skin=default

If this works for you and mc is showing in color then you can setup an alias in your .bashrc like:

alias mc='TERMCAP="" /usr/bin/mc --skin=default'

do the reload of .bashrc with:

source .bashrc

Then the next time you run mc from with your user it should be displayed in default color instead of black and white.

Shell ANSI color codes

These are ANSI color codes

RS="\[\033[0m\]" # reset
HC="\[\033[1m\]" # hicolor
UL="\[\033[4m\]" # underline
INV="\[\033[7m\]" # inverse background and foreground
FBLK="\[\033[30m\]" # foreground black
FRED="\[\033[31m\]" # foreground red
FGRN="\[\033[32m\]" # foreground green
FYEL="\[\033[33m\]" # foreground yellow
FBLE="\[\033[34m\]" # foreground blue
FMAG="\[\033[35m\]" # foreground magenta
FCYN="\[\033[36m\]" # foreground cyan
FWHT="\[\033[37m\]" # foreground white
BBLK="\[\033[40m\]" # background black
BRED="\[\033[41m\]" # background red
BGRN="\[\033[42m\]" # background green
BYEL="\[\033[43m\]" # background yellow
BBLE="\[\033[44m\]" # background blue
BMAG="\[\033[45m\]" # background magenta
BCYN="\[\033[46m\]" # background cyan
BWHT="\[\033[47m\]" # background white

Enable shell colored prompt on Ubuntu / Debian

Look at your home directory and the file .bashrc. Find these lines:

# uncomment for a colored prompt, if the terminal has the capability; turned
# off by default to not distract the user: the focus in a terminal window
# should be on the output of commands, not on the prompt
Uncomment force_color_prompt=yes, save and login again.

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