PHPMailer plugin in Organizr is not working

Even if you disabled TLS in the Organizr configuration page, if your mail server advertises that it supports TLS PHPMailer will try to use it, which will fail.

In order to resolve this edit file api/plugins/php-mailer.php and add after line 127 following:

$mail->SMTPAutoTLS = false;

Now sending emails should work without TLS usage.

Use two wireless network interfaces on Raspberry Pi 3

Recently I have made some physical changes to my home network. Moved the WiFi router to a more central position to get better coverage, but that meant also my main media player running Xbian could no longer be connected via Ethernet cable, but had to switch to WLAN.

Well wireless adapter on Pi3 is ok for basic stuff, but it does not have good antenna to achieve better network quality or it could run at least 150Mbits which I required. Continue reading “Use two wireless network interfaces on Raspberry Pi 3”

Prevent kernel out of memory manager to kill processes on Raspberry Pi 2

I am using Raspberry Pi 2 with Xbian installed as my primary always on media-player device. Beside usual Kodi and few other services I also have MySQL, pihole, lighttpd, rtorrent, samba and few other.

Lately I am faced with kernel oops when trying to copy larger files, over 500MB. Rapsberry Pi becomes unresponsive, I can ping it but no longer connect to it. Continue reading “Prevent kernel out of memory manager to kill processes on Raspberry Pi 2”

Configure SSH client to keep connection alive in Linux

To keep SSH connection alive you must edit your ~/.ssh/config file (if the file does not exist create it) and enter the following on top of the file:

Host *
ServerAliveInterval 60

First line applies this config to all hosts (*), and the second one is interval when to send keepalive packets in seconds (60).