Compile and install kfilebox 0.4.10 on Debian Jessie

If you using Dropbox client and you would like full system tray integration unfortunately you can not install a package that will work without issues with latest versions of dropbox client.

Solution is to download, compile and install kfilebox from source, but since kfilebox is unmaintained for long time I found this fixed version on github page: Continue reading “Compile and install kfilebox 0.4.10 on Debian Jessie”

Install XP from USB stick from DOS/HIREN BOOT CD

The easiest way is to have on your USB stick something like HIREN BOOT CD that you can boot of to DOS. You can use f.e. file explorer likeVolkov Commander from HIREN BOOT CD to copy contents of I386 folder to hard drive we want to install windows xp and then:

CD C:\I386