128GB Samsung Micro SDXC EVO+ works on Sony Xperia Z2 LTE Tablet

I used to have 64GB micro SDXC card in my Xperia Z2 LTE tablet, but space became inadequate so I started to think about upgrading it. I needed more storage but according to GSMArena this tablet could handle up to 64GB. I did some research and saw that there are reports of users with 128GB cards.

I decided to test it since I really needed more space. In the past I was really satisfied with Samsung EVO+ sd cards 32/64GB capacity so I decided to try 128GB one from Samsung.

I ordered it from my favorite eBay seller sinceritytrading for $38.79 with free shipping. Here is the direct link to the card.


Card arrived in 6 days, which is a record so far since shop is located in Hong Kong and I am in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Sinceritytrading always had fast shipping but this was a record.

By default it is formatted to exFat so I inserted it in my tablet and it was recognized as 120GB card. I guess you always loose some space in the overhead GiB/GB calculations.

I decided to copy all content from my existing 64GB card to the new one using laptop. Old card was in laptop SD card slot with adapter, and tablet was connected via USB cable to the laptop. Copying went smoothly and pretty fast.

Samsung EVO+ even feels faster than my previous Toshiba 64GB card, especially when browsing trough album with 20MP photos it feels more responsive.

All in all I recommend this card for your tablet and can confirm it works out of the box.

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