Convert directory of .prg files to .asm in Windows

I wanted to convert my old Turbo Assembler sources from Commodore 64 to modern .asm files that I can use on any editor in PC.

There is a tool called TMPview that can make your life easier.

TMPview is a viewer/converter that inputs a binary format Turbo Assembler source code and outputs the ASCII equivalent in a format suitable as
input for our cross assembler, TMPx.

Output options include line numbers, tab settings, labels listing, and
various statistical outputs. It is possible to view/convert source files
from many variants including Turbo Macro Pro, plain Turbo Assembler, the
original Macro version, and most other modifications of those.

In order to convert whole directory full of .prg files in windows I used following command in windows shell:

for /r %i in (*.prg) do TMPview.exe -i "%i" -o "%i.asm"F

This method can be used for other conversions, just change file extension (*.prg) to something else and output “%.asm” to resulting extension.

TMPView v1.3.1 binaries for Windows, Linux (i386,32/64), FreeBSD (i386,32/64), OSX (i386,32/64) and Solaris (i386,32/64) can be downloaded from Style homepage.

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