Excellent protective ABS Case for Raspberry Pi 2 / B+ for multimedia use

Beside retro-gaming I am using Raspberry Pi 2 as my always on media center running Xbian.

I weighted between OpenELEC and Xbian and at the moment of my decision Xbian won me over with file-system. Xbian uses btrfs snapshot system which proved to be quite useful if you run into any kind of trouble since it is really easy to do a fallback to previous file system snapshot.

There are so many cases on the market for Raspberry Pi, but I wanted something simple that will fit my needs. I do not need access to GPIO, except small RTC I have installed inside. I just want clean design, black color preferred with accessible HDMI and micro USB port.

Protective ABS Case Shell for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B / Raspberry Pi B+ – Black

abs_case_1 abs_case_2

A lot of these cases look almost the same, but the one I found one on DX.com for $4.63 features also silicone pads for the bottom of the case:


There is still space in the case for accessories like hardware RTC to fit in the case:abs_case_4

Simple looking, black with clean design and good price, what more do you need.

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