MySQL purge old binary logs

If mysql-bin.xxxyyy logs are eating up your partition space. This is the right trick for you:

# login to mysql
mysql -u root -p
# create latest log mysql-bin.0000xy
flush logs;
# purge all logs before mysql-bin.0000xy
purge binary logs to 'mysql-bin.0000xy';

Tweaking Mozilla Firefox cache

In order to minimize writing to disk you could try to move your firefox cache folder into /tmp we created earliner in our RAM.

In your “about:config” add the following entry:


add a string value of “/tmp”.

Ofcourse your cache will be erased each time you reboot, but who cares we are trying to minimize disk usage, so that we can prolong our battery life.

Since I have created 100MB /tmp drive, I have decided to leave firefox cache at the default setting of 50000 (50MB).

browser.cache.disk.capacity (integer) 50000