OrangePi poor replacement for the real Raspberry Pi

I was intrigued with low price of Orange Pi PC on GearBest site and since I had a lot of unused points I decided to order one even though I did not really need it. For a few bucks you get quad core CPU, 1GB of RAM, Ethernet all the bells and whistles as Raspberry Pi for third of the price.

What could go wrong? Well it seems for this price you get what you paid for a third of quality manufacturing. As soon as I opened my box I noticed that the board is slightly bent as you can see on the picture here: Continue reading “OrangePi poor replacement for the real Raspberry Pi”

Set syntax highlighting in Vi/Vim with dark background

I always forget how to do this and I need to write it down:

Turn on syntax highlighting with:

:syntax on

If highlighting looks to dark, then you are probably using dark background, so set it to achieve better readability:

:set background=dark

To make these two changes permanent, edit ~/.vimrc file and enter:

syntax on
  set background=dark

To turn of syntax highlighting do:

:syntax off

To go back to light background do:

:set background=light

or delete the lines from ~/.vimrc file.