Switch axis in pifba retropie emulator configuration

I recently replaced original icade joystick made by Zippy with the one from Sanwa. In order to fit the new joystick properly in the icade I needed to rotate the base 90 degrees.

This means vertical axis is now horizontal one and vice versa. It’s easy to re-configure this in EmulationStation and all changes will be properly propagated to retroarch configuration files.

Where it fails short is some other emulator configuration files that need to be fixed manually. This was the chase with Final Burn Alpha (pifba) that I use for games like Metal Slug. Continue reading “Switch axis in pifba retropie emulator configuration”

Bash zip all files in directory one by one in individual zips

If you like me have for example folder filled with NES rom files that end with .nes extension and you would like to zip them all up in individual files to save some space.

I use this one-liner to zip all my NES collection so that it will take less space on my USB stick when I transfer it to my bartop arcade running RetroPie:

for file in *.nes ; do zip "$file.zip" "$file"; done

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