Shrink databasename_Log.LDF file on Microsoft SQL

Since I administer a very high load news site, I noticed that MSSQL log file of the site database is growing enormously. Database itself devided into 2 files one 330MB and the other 721MB, but log files grew to 5GB for the first file, and 20GB for the second file.

Since Microsoft doesn’t recommend that you delete these files, you need to shrink them to smaller files. To do this you have to backup your database (f.e. acctfiles) log files with truncate_only option. Continue reading “Shrink databasename_Log.LDF file on Microsoft SQL”

Disable balloon tips in Windows XP

One thing that really bothers me is a balloon tip that appears every time I reconnect to my home WiFi. Simplest solution is to disable balloon tips by using RegEdit. Open up this branch:


Add this DWORD value: “EnableBalloonTips” and set it’s value to “0” (zero).

Balloon tips will be disabled after your next logon.

Tweaking Mozilla Firefox cache

In order to minimize writing to disk you could try to move your firefox cache folder into /tmp we created earliner in our RAM.

In your “about:config” add the following entry:


add a string value of “/tmp”.

Ofcourse your cache will be erased each time you reboot, but who cares we are trying to minimize disk usage, so that we can prolong our battery life.

Since I have created 100MB /tmp drive, I have decided to leave firefox cache at the default setting of 50000 (50MB).

browser.cache.disk.capacity (integer) 50000