VoipCheap.com on Siphon client on iPhone

Proper configuration of Siphon (Iphone VoIP client) so that you can use it with VoiopCheap.com provider should look like:

  Username: 00XXXXXXXXXXX
  Password: **********
  Server: sip.voipcheap.com

Advanced settings:
  Reg.Timeout: 1800
  Proxy Server: sip.voipcheap.com
  Enable NAT: Off
  Auth. Username: VoipCheapUSERNAME

In “Username” field you should type your verified phone number with leading “00” instead of “+”, so that your CallerID will function properly. In “Auth.Username” you should type in your VoipCheap Username.

Siphon - Iphone SIP settings

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